Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are an agreement between you and Datax Limited (the owner of Subper). They govern your use of Datax's sites, services, apps and content (“Services”).

By using these Services, you agree to these Terms.

If you don't agree on to them, you should remove your data from Datax Services.

For people who use our Services to collect, store, and process data (“Data Owners”), you also need to agree to the “Data Owner Agreement” before using our Services.

Using Our Services

You must only use our Services for purposes and functions they intend to provide, when they are publicly provided.

You may use our Services for personal, academic, commercial and non-commercial uses.

You must not do, or attempt, the following:

  1. Use our Services for any unlawful purposes
  2. Access or tamper with non-public areas of the Services, Datax computer systems, or the systems of our technical providers probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network
  3. Breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures
  4. Search and access functionalities and interfaces (like APIs) that we do not provide publicly

Data Rights & Responsibilities

You own the rights to the Data you uploaded on Services. You also own the rights to the Data we help you collect through our Services.

Before you upload Data to our Services

Please make sure you have the right to use your Data. You are responsible for any Data you upload to our Services, and you assume all risks related to them. You are responsible for all claims relating to intellectual property, personal privacy, and other legal rights.

Any content you upload to our Services shall be considered non-confidential. For us to provide you the functions and services, we have to do reasonable actions to the Data you upload (like storing, making copies, reformatting, displaying, and generating derivative data). Please make sure you have the right to do these actions, and have the right to let us do these actions, before uploading anything to our Services.

Remember, just because the data are publicly available online, it does not mean you have the right to process, make copies of, or distribute them.

Our access and actions to your data

By uploading your Data to our Services, you give us a non-exclusive license to store, process, and publish them within our Services so that we can provide the functionalities and services you request.

Without an explicit permission from you, we will never sell your Data to third parties.

Without an explicit permission from you, we will not use your Data uploaded and processed to develop or produce any media content.

However, we will, from time to time, use metadata, aggregated, or derivative information of your Data (like “the average duration of videos you (as an anonymous data owner) collected” and “the style of language used”) to develop and enhance existing and future Datax products and services. Such information may be retained even if you remove your Data.

We may use your Data uploaded and processed, as anonymous data, to develop and enhance Natural Language Processing and related products and services.

Datax will also access and evaluate your Data to confirm they comply with legal requirements and social norms. We can remove Data that do not comply with those requirements and norms.

We can suspend and terminate the distribution, displaying, and processing of your Data for any reason.

Your use of data outside our Services

Datax is not responsible for any liabilities and consequences legally, commercially, socially, and otherwise, for your Data and your use of them.

You are fully responsible for the accuracy, performance, and otherwise, for your products and services that are related to our Services. Feel free to contact us for a discussion on improving the reliability of your Data.

Service Period

We do not guarantee that our Services will always be available or be uninterrupted. We may suspend, withdraw, discontinue, or restrict the availability of all or any part of our Applications without notice due to service update, server maintenance or other reasons. We will try to give you reasonable notice of any suspension or withdrawal.

Paid Service

Our subscription plans automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle, unless the subscribed plan is discontinued or manually canceled by the user. Users will be billed automatically according to the selected subscription plan and payment frequency.

Users may cancel their subscription at any time. However, refunds for the remaining period of the subscription will not be provided. We recommend canceling subscriptions before the next billing cycle to avoid further charges.

Users can change their subscription plans at any time. Upon switching to a new plan, previous subscription will be canceled automatically, and any unused upload credits from your previous subscription will be automatically forfeited. Refunds for the remaining service period or the unused upload credits of the subscription will not be provided. Users will be charged or credited accordingly based on the new subscription plan.

Promotions for Individual Content Creators

To enjoy additional services or benefits from “Exclusive perk for individual creators” or any other promotions exclusively for individual content creators, applicant should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must be the owner of the YouTube channel
  2. Your YouTube channel should have at least 50 subscribers
  3. For those who do not have 50 or more subscribers, your channel should consist of at least 2 of your own video content uploaded within one year
  4. Your YouTube channel is not associated with any entities or organizations
  5. You cannot sell, transfer or share your Subper account to any other person

We will assess the information you provided on your application, and we will determine whether you are eligible for the promotions.

No details and explanations will be provided regarding the decisions on distribution and cancellation of any promotions exclusively for content creators.

No refunds or any kind of compensation will be given regarding the decisions on distribution and cancellation of any promotions exclusively for content creators.

If you failed to fulfill any of the requirements mentioned above during the service period, you will no longer be eligible to enjoy additional services or benefits from the promotions.

We reserve the right of final decision relating to the distribution and cancellation of any promotions exclusively for individual content creators.

Governing Law

These Terms and any action related are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Limitation of liability: Datax will not be liable to you or any third party for consequences and damages arising from or related to your use of the Services.

Datax reserves the right of final decision relating to the promotions and any dispute thereof and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Contact information: If you have any questions about this Agreement or the Subper Services, please contact us at: Datax Limited, Unit 708, Data Technology Hub, 5 Chun Cheong Street, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong / datax.io / hello@subtitlewhisper.com.